Dragon Master V9.0 Metaverse Download

If you are looking for best online earning game then Dragon Master is your destination. There are lots of earning apps and online earning games available in market but earning through game is surprisingly. Most of the earning apps are fake or scams. Now a day everyone wants to earn money by hook or by crook. They always search for best earning apps through which they can generate handsome amount of money. And mostly they have to face fake apps and scammers. Now you can earn lots of money just by playing game.

Dragon Master APK is one of the best online earning game which provide you many ways of earning in dollars. By playing this game you can generate handsome amount of income in dollars on daily basis. This game is best opportunity for unemployed persons because it is giving you money just for playing it. It is providing many ways of earning on daily basis. Now you can earn money by sitting at home and only playing game. You no need to do any work or go anywhere.

Earning through game in dollars is surprising but it is real and possible. You can earn in real only by playing game because Dragon Master Earning Game is giving you this opportunity. Mostly people wants to play games in their leisure time and amuse themselves. Now you can play and earn same time. Earning in dollars by sitting at home and playing game is bone for all unemployed persons.

Dragon Master is one of the best online earning game rather than other earning apps. Many sources of earning are available in this game through which you can generate dollars. Stay connected with us on this platform for knowing each and everything about this game.

Name of ApplicationDragon Master Metaverse
DeveloperMagic Hat
App Size280 MB
Current Downloads500K +
TypeAndroid IOS PC
Android Required6.0 and up

Features of Dragon Master Metaverse

Latest version of this game contain advanced features and many new sources of earnings. If you really want to earn money in dollars then play this game. Some of the features of this game are here

  • It is highly secured game and protect your data so it is safe to use. You need not to worry about its safety.
  • It is free to available and download. So you can easily download it from different APK downloaders.
  • It is available in every country so it has no region restrictions. You can download and play it everywhere in the world.
  • It does not show any advertisement while playing game. But by watching adds you can earn extra gold coin which are used to earn dollars.
  • It is providing you different ways of earning in dollars.
  • Dragon Master Wallet is available in game where your earnings store and you can withdraw it when you have minimum 5 dollars in wallet.
  • You can easily withdraw your earnings in your local account without any fee charges.
  • You can play different types of games and earn coins.
  • There is lucky wheel in this game. You are awarded with 5 spins on daily login. Many types of prizes are available in this luck wheel.
  • You also get 5 shake hands on daily basis through which you can earn thousands of coins.
  • Different types of dragons are available in the battlefield. So you can enjoy powerful dragons during fight.
  • Dragon Master Tokens are used to purchase different advanced features which are helpful for your extra earning.

Beside these features many of other are also available. You can earn and enjoy by playing this game.

Dragon Master Download

You can easily download this game for your android, IOS and desktop from google play-store, App store, google chrome and APK downloaders. For downloading Dragon Master APK you have to follow these simple steps.

Download for Android

  • Go to the google play-store
  • Search for game in the search bar
  • Click on the download button
  • Allow google play-store to download it
  • It downloaded successfully
  • You can easily install it

Download for IOS

  • Go to the App store
  • Search for the game in the search bar
  • Click on the download button
  • Allow app store to download the game
  • It downloaded successfully
  • You can easily install it on your IOS phone

Download for desktop

  • Go to the google chrome
  • Visit the official website of the Dragon Master
  • Find the latest version of the game for desktop
  • Click on the download button
  • Allow google chrome to download it
  • After successful downloading you can launch it on your desktop

Dragon Master Sign Up

As it is online playing game so first you need to register on this game. For registration on this game you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Dragon Master APK
  • Click on the sign up button
  • Enter your correct mobile number or email address
  • Verification code will send to your entered mobile number or email address
  • Put the verification code in the space bar
  • You are registered successfully on this game

Dragon Master Log IN

If you are already registered on this game then you can easily log in to game.

  • You have to select Log in instead of signup the game
  • Enter your mobile number or email address and previous password
  • If you forget your previous password then you can recover it by pressing on forget
  • You are again asked to enter your mobile number and email address
  • It will send you verification code on your previous mobile number or email address
  • Enter the verification code in the space bar
  • Create your new password
  • You are successfully logged into your account

How to play Dragon Master?

If you are new player of this game and you don’t have any skills for playing this game then you need not to worry about this. You will have to follow some steps for playing this game you will also be pro after some days.

  • Open the game
  • You are given different boxes in which there are different typed of dragons.
  • Some of the dragons are same and you have to combine the same dragons. It takes some coins for combining.
  • On combining the same dragons you also get Dragon Master Tokens which are used to get dollars.
  • There is also battle field in the game where you are given 4 dragons of different sizes.
  • You have to compete the opponent dragons.
  • The power of each dragon is different. Big dragons are more powerful as compared to smaller one.
  • On winning the game you get diamond and trophies which can be exchanged to get coins.
  • You can increase your coins by watching adds.
  • You can also change your dragons because there are about 42 dragons and 42 levels.
  • After completing 42 levels you got lottery and can win UP to 200 dollars.


It is concluded that Dragon Master is one of the best online earning game where you can earn up to 200 dollars monthly. If you are unemployed person and in search of best online earning app then we will suggest you to play this game and earn in dollars. You can enjoy and earn both on this game. It is also safe and secure game. It does not require any skill for playing so you just start playing this game and earn handsome amount of money monthly. In short the only suggestable and trust able game for earning is Dragon Master APK.

FAQs on Dragon Master

Is dragon master paying?

Yes, it is paying game. You can earn up tp 200$ monthly by playing this game regularly.

What age is dragon master good for?

It is easy to play so age does not matter. You just have to play it regularly.

What is the plot of dragon master?

It is very interesting game. You have to choose different types of dragon and fight with others. And you have to combine same types of dragon and it completed to next level.

Is dragon master safe to play?

Yes, it is highly secured game. You no need to worry about its safety because it protects your data.

Is dragon master free to play?

Yes, it is free to play.

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