How to Know if Someone Blocked you Instagram | 100% Working Method

How to know if someone blocked you Instagram, are you looking for answer of this question then keep reading this article as here we are providing you complete detail. Instagram is a well-known social networking site that enables users to interact with one another, post images, and communicate.

How to Know if Someone Blocked you Instagram | 100% Working Method

However, If you are thinking that where you believe someone has blocked you on Instagram, but not sure then blog post will help you to know either you are blocked or not. In this article, we’ll look at a number of techniques for figuring out if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

Being blocked on Instagram can be disheartening, but by following the methods mentioned below, you can gain some insights into whether someone has blocked you. There is no comprehensive list of people who haas blocked you on Instagram, nor is there any way for you to find out when you have been blocked.

However, there are several ways, by followed them you find out whether you’ve been blocked on Instagram if you think you might have been. There is also no any notification if anyone block you on Instagram.

How to Check If Someone Blocked You on Instagram

There are different method to you can see if someone block you on Instagram without telling you check below method and track some body block you

What are the signs that indicate you are blocked

Here are some indicators that you may have been show that you are blocked on Instagram

Profile Inaccessibility

You may have been blocked if you try to search for someone using their username in the Instagram search bar and their profile doesn’t come up in the results. But you must make sure you’re looking for the right login and that the person’s account is still open.

Error Message 

When you try to visit someone’s profile on Instagram after they’ve blocked you, an error message can appear. Such a message might read, This page is not available or User not found.

Disappearing Likes and Comments 

If you were previously able to see the person’s likes and comments on your posts or other mutual friends’ posts, but suddenly their interactions are no longer visible to you, it could suggest that you have been blocked.

Search for User

The most straightforward way to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to search for their username. Enter the suspected person’s username to see if their profile shows up in the search results, its mean, you are not blocked. It’s possible that you’ve been blocked if their profile doesn’t appear or if you get an error message. You have not been blocked if the profile is public and you can access their posts.

Check Mutual Friends’ Profiles

If you have mutual friends with the person you suspect has blocked you, check their followers or following list to see if the person’s profile is still visible. You may have been blocked if you can’t find their profile among your mutual friend. If the person you suspect has blocked you is still active on Instagram, you should be able to see their comments or likes on your mutual friend’s posts. However, if their activity is completely gone or if their comments or likes are absent, it may mean that they have blocked you.

Visibility of Post and Story

You won’t be able to read someone’s stories or any new postings they share if they have blocked you. It may indicate that you have been blocked if you notice that their story circle is absent or if their posts are no longer visible on your feed.

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