League of Legends V14.3 Download Latest Version

League of Legends V14.3 Download Latest Version

Are you interested in online video games and are in search of best online video game for your leisure time. Then League of Legends is that game you are searching for your leisure time because it contains most interesting features of amusement. Large number of video games are available in market which are mostly played like Minecraft, Fortnite, Reblox, Tetris, Call of duty and many others but people confuse in selecting one of the best game to play in his their leisure time.

Name of ApplicationLeague of Legends
DeveloperRiot Games
App Size20.6GB
Current Downloads100 M+
Version14.5 patch
Desktop RequiredWindow 10 or window 11 with high processor

Everyone wants one the best activity to do in his leisure time and large number of people play video games in their leisure time. But they don’t have good choice and try different types of games and at the end lose their interest in gaming just because they don’t have best game. Some of the games are challenging, some contains knowledge, some are just for fun and amusement and many contain social activities. League of the legends gameplay contain all these things.

If you have not find any video game yet then we will help you which game is best to play in your leisure time. We well briefly explain you each and everything about that game how to download? How to install? How to play? on this platform. We assure you that after playing that game you feel fresh and happy.

League of Legends is one of the best game you can play in your leisure time. This game is played on very large scale across the world on daily basis. You will see challenges, fun, mental activities, knowledge to learn in this game. You can easily play this game in your desktop.

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Features of League of Legends

It is one of the best online playing game which contain advanced features of gaming. All these features are not available in any other game which it contain. 

  • This game is full of amusement, challenges and mental activities
  • It is including in top ten games which are played on very large scale
  • It has 3D graphics and beautiful battle arena
  • This game consists of multiplayers where you can talk to each other
  • This game is modified on every year with new battle arena and maps
  • The most important of this game is that it is free of advertisement. It shows no ads while playing game
  • It is free to play and easy to available game
  • It is closely similar to Apex of Legends game which is also best video game. The most popular animated show Arcane of Legends is also based on this game
  • You can also purchase different characters, assassins, tanks, ideas, mages and many other things easily.
  • League of Legends comprise on most interesting and beautiful characters, latest assassins, Tanks, Fighters, Mages and most attracting maps with beautiful scenery
  • You can easily change the look up of all fighters and assassins of your own choice
  • You can discover more than 150 league of legends champions in this game.
  • You can learn a lots of skills by playing this game regularly
  • As this is league game so many of the champions league held on weekly and monthly basis to encourage the players same as real cricket 17. So every player can participate in this league
  • Besides this many other most interesting features are available like you can communicate to your teams for help it builds your teamwork. Team players can exchange their things with another. There is no match of this game.

Download League of Legends

As this game is only available for desktop so you can download easily this game in your desktop by following simple steps.

  • Go to the google chrome
  • Search for League of Legends game in the search bar
  • Visit the official website of this game
  • Here you find the download button for desktop
  • Click on the download button
  • Give permission to google chrome to download this game

Download League of Legends Wild Rift

This game is for android users. This is not same as for desktop but a little bit same so android users can also enjoy this game. It is easily available on google play-store, google chrome and app store. So you can easily download it from these platforms.

  • Go to the google play-store, google chrome and app store
  • Search the android version of this game
  • Click on the download
  • Allow permission to download

After downloading install it on your device

How to Install league of legends on Desktop?

It is not so much difficult to install this game on your desktop. So you can install it on your desktop device by following these simple steps.

  • After completion of downloading game
  • Click on the Install button
  • Allow google chrome to install the game
  • Launch it on your PC

Sign Up League of Legends

It is very easy to register the account for this game. You have to follow these simple steps for sign up.

  • Open the Game
  • First you will ask to put your phone number or email address
  • The official team of the game send verification code to the given phone number or email address
  • Put that verification code in the blank space
  • Then create new password
  • The account is created successfully and you can now play the game

Login League of Legends

If you already have an account of League of Legend then you click on the login button instead of signup. Here you enter your phone number or email address and password then click on login your old account will be logged in. If you forget the password the you can recover it by clicking on forget button. It will again send you verification code on your registered email address or phone number and then you can change your password easily.

How to Play league of Legends?

If you are new player and don’t know how to play this game then you need not to worry about that because we will guide you how to play for beginners. You just follow these instructions you will also be champion soon.

  • There are many characters available in the game. So first you have to try all these characters after one another. In this way you know about all characters and you will be able to choose the best character at the end. You can unlock all characters like in Stick Shadow War Fight.
  • 2nd you have complete knowledge of maps used in the game. If you learn about all maps then you can easily know your location and fight better against your enemy.
  • 3rd you have to use hot keys quickly for this you have to practice many times to be expert in the game. Some mostly used keys are

     Q,W,E,R used for champions main abilities

           F and D used for summoner spells

           B to bring your champion to base

  • You have to try to survive at the end because at the end the numbers of enemies decrease to least amount so you can easily fight against them.
  • Try to communicate your team throughout the game in this way your remain strong and discuss each and everything about the enemies.
  • You should follow all the rules of the game
  • In rush try to stay away from the enemies area and maintain your survival till at end


It is concluded that League of Legends is one the best online video game played across the world. The only suggestable game for your leisure time is this game. It is not only game also great source of fun, knowledge, team work and focus of your mind. If you are video game lover then you have to try this game one time. You can also be the champion of this game if you play this regularly. With the passage of time you can learn all skills of this game. In short it is more interesting video game than any other.

FAQs on league of legends

Is league of legends safe to play?

Yes, it is safe to use. It is based on highly secured system so you no need to worry about its safety.

Is league of legends for Androids user?

No, it is played only on desktop because it contain large number of space and fast processor which android and IOS can’t support.

Is league of legends free to play?

Yes, it is completely free to play but you can purchase characters, assassins, tanks, ideas and many interesting features for more fun.

Why is league of legends so popular?

League of legends comprised on highly developed system. It has many interesting features like Most beautiful arena, maps, scenery, different characters, assassins, tanks, mages and many other interesting features which other lacks. So that’s why it is most popular.

Is league of legends just a game?

Yes, it is multiplayer game.

What is league of legends famous for?

It is famous for its most interesting playing features.

What is the purpose of the league of legends?

The main purpose of the game is to develop team work, hardworking, mutual understandings between different players, give amusement to others.

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